Cowboys Stick With Romo For Better Or Worse

Posted on October 4, 2011 at 2:25 PM

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The Dallas Cowboys have two weeks to prepare for the New England Patriots, and two weeks to answer questions and listen to the criticisms that will undoubtedly snowball with each passing day. That's what happens when you suffer the worst in-game collapse in team history, just three weeks after you set another franchise record for a blown lead in the fourth quarter. The most prevailing question will be..why, Tony, why?  

The Cowboys could be 4-0 if not for Tony Romo. The Cowboys could be 0-4 if not for Tony Romo. They are 2-2, and that pretty much is where they and their quarterback should be.

In the two Cowboy wins, Romo put on heroic, gutsy performances and carried his team on his back, leading them to two come from behind victories. In the two losses, he imploded in the second half after playing brilliant football for the majority of the games. Turning the ball over, squandering big leads and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. This, Cowboy fans, like it or not, is your quarterback. 

“As Tony goes, we’ll go,” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

 Truer words have never been spoken. Now, the Cowboy faithful will take to radio talk shows and writing blogs across the country saying how the Cowboys will never win the Super Bowl with Romo under center. But once you get past the hysteria, what is the alternative? Fans forget that before Romo there was an immature Anthony Wright and draft bust Drew Henson. Valiant yet all but finished vets Drew Bledsoe and Vinny Testaverde. Less we forget the immortal Ryan Leaf, the overmatched Chad Hutchinson, or the troubled Quincy Carter? And really, who out there is a better choice for the Cowboys right now? Don't say Jon Kitna. Yes, Kitna did an admirable job in Romo's absence last year, but Romo simply is a better player. Stephen McGee has shown glimpses, but he is not ready. Draft a quarterback, you say? After Andrew Luck, how many college QB's out there are pro-ready? And no one is going to trade Luck's draft rights to Dallas, in case you were dreaming.

"Tony's a great competitor," head coach Jason Garrett said. "Tony's been in these situations where he's made a lot of plays. Sometimes, they can go against you. That's the nature of playing quarterback in this league. "He knows that I believe in him. Our staff believes in him. His teammates believe in him."

Why wouldn't they? When Romo is right he is up there with the top quarterbacks in the game. He can do what he did against the 49ers and Redskins. He will play hurt, obviously, and give you everything he has. But for some reason Tony Romo seems to mentally take quarters off, quarters that wind up deciding games and are the reason the Cowboys are not a serious threat in the NFC right now.

Cowboy fans have always held out hope that Romo would learn from his mistakes and become a big game quarterback. But he is too deep into his career to make us believe anything will change. For now, the Cowboys will live and die with Romo. 

For better or for worse.  Article by Joe Peppitone

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